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what are ambigrams?

ambigrams are tattoo lettering works of art that can be read both forward and upside-down. they make the perfect lettering tattoo design!

order your own custom ambigram !

Mark Palmer, THE ORIGINAL AMBIGRAM TATTOO ARTIST, wants to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized custom ambigram just for you! Ambigrams are the next evolution in Tattoo Lettering! Get your professionally drawn ambigram by world renowned Mark Palmer by going to the 'Custom Orders' section of this site.

Every Ambigram Tattoo Design Download on this site will get you both a solid filled-in design and a line-art stencil (to get the best ink). Each download will look like this (but much bigger):

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  • image description Tattoo Design Stencil

This is the official website of Mark Palmer, the world's leading Ambigram Tattoo Artist. You've come here for the highest quality Ambigram Tattoo Designs available, and we plan to deliver! On Wow Tattoos you can find everything from Tattoos for Girls, Religious Tattoos, Zodiac Sign Tattoos, Circle Tattoos, and much more!

Ambigram Tattoo Gallery

Want to see Mark's recent Ambigram tattoo design artwork and real customers? Click here.

UPDATED - 3/2/2014 - Over 100 NEW ambigram pictures posted in the gallery!

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Free tattoo designs for u.s. service men and women!

Here at Wow Tattoos, we appreciate what our armed forces servicemen are doing for us all over the the world. So we'd like to thank you by offering you a free $9.99 Ambigram Tattoo Design off of our site. Pick any of the $9.99 Designs already up on our site and we'll send it to you. The only requirement is that you have an armed forces email address for us to send your design to. Please use our contact page to let us know which design and the style the design is in that you would like.