Because of how many video requests Mr. Upsidedown is receiving every day, we've had to create two different options for videos:

Option 1: Email Mr. Upsidedown your request, and, if it makes a great Ambigram, Mark will add your suggestion to his waiting list and it might be a few weeks or months before your request makes it to the top of his list for a video.


Option 2: Email Mr. Upsidedown your request and let him know you'd like to pay to jump the waiting list. It's $50 via PayPal and Mr. Upsidedown will jump your name all the way to the top of his waiting list. That will GUARANTEE that he draws and films your suggestion within the next week or so in a video that he will post and tag you in. If Mr. Upsidedown chooses you for a video, he will respond via email with instructions for where to send the PayPal.

Which would you like to do? He's happy to do either option for you...just email him with your suggestion and let him know!